About InFusco

Welcome to the world of InFusco

InFusco, a techno music duo led by experienced DJs and producers Ohad Peretz and Raphael Gal. With a shared passion for electronic music and a wealth of experience in production and performance, these two artists have come together to create a unique and dynamic sound that is taking the techno scene by storm.

InFusco’s music is characterized by powerful beats, intricate sound design, and a relentless energy that is sure to get audiences moving on the dancefloor. Their tracks are designed to take listeners on a journey, building on each other to create an immersive listening experience.

With their diverse backgrounds and individual strengths, Ohad and Raphael have developed a sound that is both innovative and rooted in the classic techno tradition. Their live performances are a showcase of their skills as DJs, blending their tracks seamlessly and creating a high-energy and unforgettable experience for audiences.

Don’t miss out on the dynamic duo, InFusco, who are available on all streaming platforms and upcoming performances in various cities and festivals. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases and live shows from this exciting techno project.

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